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Family Meal:

             Feeds 4-6 people, Family Meals come with 2-24oz sides, BBQ Beans, potato salad or coleslaw.

Rib Pan                     $55.79                                  Beef Brisket Pan     $59.49

Wangz Pan (40)         $53.79                                   Pulled Pork Pan       $54.49

Sausage Pan            $53.79                                    Rib Tip Pan              $53.49

Chop Chicken Pan     $47.79                                   Turkey Breast          $47.49

Bean 32oz                $11.29                                  Coleslaw 32oz           $8.29

Potato Salad 32oz    $8.29

Combo Pan, your choice of any two meats $61.79

Tailgate Platters:        Feeds 10 - 12 people

Rib Platter (4 Racks)   $117.49                  Beef Brisket Platter        $127.49

Sausage Platter           $107.49                  Pulled Pork Platter          $101.49

Wangz Platter (75)         $82.49                  Rib Tips Platter             $97.49

Chop Chicken Platter      $97.49                 Turkey Platter                $97.49

Whole Chicken Platter    $72.49                Coleslaw Platter              $24.49

Potato Salad Platter       $25.49                 Cornbread Platter           $24.49

Bean Platter                  $36.49

Party Platters:        Feeds 18-22 people

Rib Pan (8 Racks)           $213.49                     Beef Brisket Pan         $238.49

Sausage Pan                   $200.49                     Rib tips Pan               $182.49

Wangz Pan (150 ct)         $151.49                     Pulled Pork Pan          $187.49

Whole Chicken Pan          $131.49                    Chop ChickenPan        $162.49

Potato Salad Large Pan     $41.49                     Corn Bread Large Pan  $38.49

Bean Pan                          $61.49                     Coleslaw Large Pan     $38.49 

Please place orders with De Davis at [email protected] or call De at 206-251-1179. Three day advance notice required on all orders, please. These are delivery prices within Kent, Renton, Federal Way, Auburn and Tukwila area. Additional charge for out of this area may apply. Taxes not included in prices.